Naked Ladies

by the Mad Maggies



released August 18, 2017

Johny Blood: tuba
Ray Fernandez: saxophones
Ian Luke: drums
Maggie Martin: accordion, vocals
Mark Nemoyten: trumpets
SepTIMus Sarter: bass
Ned Stone: trombone
Gary "GDub" Wium: guitars

Music & Lyrics: Maggie Martin
except: Serba, traditional & ¿Quien Sera?, Pablo Beltrán Ruiz

Recording & Mixing: Mark Nemoyten
Aaron Nemoyten
Mastering: Marco d'Ambrosio

Cover Design:


all rights reserved



the Mad Maggies Montreal, Québec

The Mad Maggies are musicians from Montreal, Quebec and the San Francisco Bay Area who play rowdy ska rock folk fusion with a dash of hot pepper and a swig of slivovitz -- they kick up some dust.

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Track Name: Naked Ladies
When you see the naked ladies sway
Meet me on the plaza where accordions play
Everyone is swinging round and round
Swaying to the happy squeezebox sounds

Swingin’ Swingin’ Swayin’ Swayin’
Swingin’ and swayin’
Couples sashayin’
On a Summer’s day

Movin’ Movin’ Groovin’ Groovin’
Movin’ and Groovin’
Dancin’ together in
Perfect harmony

Next year when the naked ladies sway
We’ll be on the plaza where accordions play
We will all be swinging round and round
Swaying to the happy squeezebox sounds
Track Name: Entangled
With a look that touches
the center of my soul
You tell me from afar how you
want me close, so close

The next thing I know
I’m entangled in your arms
Spinning through the crowd when
We start to kiss, we kiss

We don’t know to stop this
Don’t know how to stop this
Falling, falling in love

Does this mean that
our love is what will be
A chance for happiness which
happens just once a life

If it’s really true then our
time has come
to stay stay entangled this way
Track Name: Three in the Morning
It’s three in the morning
I’m losing sleep
How did I fall for a no good lying cheat?

There were so many warnings
I should have seen
through his gold plated charm and
lavish thieving schemes

but I strayed, yes I strayed
and was played for the fool
my careless heart made an easy mark

Far from sordid seats of power
Stars still shine, lovers meet
Sweet melodies ease our sadness
and the madness is washed to the sea

It’s three in the morning
I’m wide awake
It’s time I put right my sad, sad mistake